About Us

Our Mission

The Texas Fire Chiefs Association believes in serving the leaders of the Texas Fire Service by actively participating in the advancement of the fire service through positive leadership, active legislative involvement and the sharing of information while maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.


Our Vision

The Texas Fire Chiefs Association strives to be the liaison between the Texas Fire Service leadership and the legislative members of the State of Texas, attempting to further strengthen and logically apply proposed and current regulations which actively enhance the safety of the citizens of the State of Texas while protecting the career and volunteer firefighters throughout the State.


Our Actions

  • The TFCA will accomplish this by continued effective communication between elected officials and Fire Service Leadership emphasizing education, budget considerations, adherence to state and national standards.
  • The TFCA will communicate to the Texas Fire Service Leadership on issues which may have an impact on the safety and or welfare of their members. The TFCA will utilize social media, The Friday Report and any new technology which will enhance the effectiveness of the organization.
  • The TFCA will continue to be a sounding board for the Texas Fire Service Leadership by providing a mechanism for question and answer type forums and lessons learned.
  • The Texas Fire Chiefs Association will continue to operate with the pride of an organization representing a career with over two hundred years of demonstrated high ethical, moral and professional standards.